Romay Corporation


Ceramic Cutting Tool Experts since 1977.

Romay Corporation has been in the Cutting Tool Industry since 1977. After 36 years with Ford Motor Company, Robert Maynard retired and began a second career, founding Romay. He was part of Ford's Central Staff, the Manufacturing and Development Division, in the Research Department. His specialty was cutting tool inserts, in particular, Ceramics. Robert's son Dave started with Romay in 1981, taking over operations in August of 1996. Over the years we have developed a full line of Ceramic, Silicon Nitride, Whisker Ceramic, and Carbide Inserts, as well as state of the art Tool Coatings. Our quality is second to none, and our prices are extremely competitive.

Types Of Cutting Tool Inserts In Stock

Ceramic Inserts
Whisker Ceramic Inserts
Cermet Inserts
Silicon Nitride Inserts
Carbide Inserts
Coated Ceramic Inserts
Coated Cermet Inserts
Coated Silicon Nitride Inserts

Why choose Romay? The most obvious reason is our superior quality. Romay has stood the test of time for more than 30 years, and we continue to look to the future. Our newest Silicon Nitride grade, the CC-516, is harder and tougher than previous grades. We can meet your needs with immediate delivery from our stock of over 200,000 inserts, priced well below the competition.

Romay products save your customer money while increasing their overall efficiency. We accept blanket orders for up to one year in length. Our minimum order is very low, starting at 10pcs.